Fragrance should be more than just a pretty smell.

At E. D. Caylor, fragrance is more than just a pleasant scent: it's an art that transports us to different times, places, and emotions. Our mission is to create fragrances that go beyond simply smelling good; we strive to evoke memories, experiences, and emotions through our carefully crafted scents. We at E. D. Caylor are driven by a passion for art and self-expression. Here, fragrance is an art form that allows individuals to represent themselves and create their own fragrance identity. Our fragrances are carefully selected and blended to create a symphony of scents that awaken the senses and ignite the imagination. We take pride in the fact that our candles are not just pretty smells, but a reflection of the beauty and complexity of life itself. Whether you are looking to create a cozy atmosphere, unwind after a long day, or simply indulge in the art of fragrance, E. D. Caylor is here to accompany you on your olfactory journey.

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