Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I buy the candles as a gift for someone else?

Yes! You'll have to do it by using the recipient's address as the shipping address and using your own address as the billing address.

Complimentary gift bagging comes with all locally delivered orders. You can add a handwritten card to your order for a small fee, and it usually will push you past the free shipping threshold!

Do you offer gift wrapping?

I offer gift wrapping as a complimentary part of the E. D. Caylor experience. Currently, gifts will come in a matte black gift bag.

Do you have gift cards?

We have digital gift cards that arrive by email.

Where can I see your candles in person?

At any of these locations! If there isn't a location near you, reach out so I can prioritize outreach to businesses in your community.

Do you offer samples?

Not yet. Working on it. In the meantime, take advantage of free returns.

Do you ship internationally?

I haven't shipped anything internationally yet, but we will burn that wick when we come to it.

Can you make me a custom candle?

Yes, I'd love to make you a custom candle. That said, there's a little more that goes into it than one you can buy off the store. Most of the candles you can buy on the store took me several months of reiterations to give them that balanced, delicious fragrance and broad hot throw. You might not like your custom candle the first time I make it or you might not even be able to smell it when it's lit. Sometimes I get it first try, sometimes it takes awhile. There's an additional one-time fragrance formulation fee that covers ordering and exploring different oils and the time it takes to balance the fragrance.

Custom candles usually aren't for the impatient or those in a hurry. Send me an email, and we'll get started.

What do I do if my candle is defective?

That's embarrassing! Send me an email, and I'll make it right.

I'm a professional, and I want to use your candles for my business. Can I get a discount?

I'd love for you to use my candles for your business. Whether you're using them to create an ambiance in your workspace, to stage a photo or a house, or to give as gifts to your clients, I want to help you achieve that goal. I'm particularly interested in working with realtors and interior designers.

I also have small tins that you can put your branding on to give as gifts to your clients without breaking the bank.

Yes, I will work with you on pricing. Contact me here.